Il Colosseo, Roma, Italia, Mar 1, 2011.
See an article by Moczo et al. 1995, Annali di Geofisica .

Il Colosseo, Roma, Italia, Mar 1, 2011

Helois Cadet, Fabrice Hollender, Emmanuel Chaljub, Pierre-Yves Bard, Jozef Kristek, Antonio Rovelli during the NERA meeting in Rome, Mar 4, 2011

Pierre-Yves Bard and Jozef Kristek considering the SIGMA project research programme during P.-Y. Bard´s visit to Bratislava (French-Slovak bilateral project), Feb 15, 2011.

Martin Galis, Emmanuel Chaljub, Miriam Kristekova, Jozef Kristek and Peter Moczo at Peruvian restaurant in Bratislava, Dec 19, 2010

Panorama Capo Caccia
1st QUEST Workshop, Capo Caccia, Sardinia, Italy, Sep 19-25, 2010