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Purpose :The Fortran95 program package 2DFD_DVS is designed for numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in 2D heterogeneous structures with planar free surface due to linear double-couple source or linear single force or plane-wave incidence.
Authors :Peter FRANEK, Peter MOCZO, Jozef KRISTEK
Code level :research
E-mail :
Available : 2DFD_DVS
version August 15, 2011 (user's guides, source codes)
Reference to the program : The user is asked to make reference to

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in case that he/she publishes results obtained with the program because the program itself is not published.
Acknowledgements: The program package has been developed within the 6th Framework Program, Marie Curie Research Training Network SPICE, project OPTIMODE, the Slovak Research and Development Agency contract No. APVV-0435-07, and VEGA Project 1/4032/07.