3D velocity model

3D velocity model

Postby rezaalikhanzadeh » Sat Feb 29, 2020 6:50 am

Dear Admin
In FDSim3D program user must make a file called "mod_func.F90" to define velocity and density of earth model. I have 3D velocity data for target region in text format that contain 4 columns; the first 3 columns as latitude,longitude and depth and the last column as velocity. What should I do? Should I make a function from velocity data(if yes how? because it is a hard work!) or the program can use this kind of data?

Beside, what criteria define boundary of 3D and 1D part of velocity models? My data for P-wave velocity(3D) is from top to 15 Km depth. Should I define boundary at 15 Km and use them in 3D part or not?

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