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Postby nbenkaci » Tue May 19, 2015 11:05 pm

when I downloaded the, I noticed that the input file for running sourcetf.f90 is missing.
I read in the user guide for FDSim3D the explanations on what should contain the, but I don't have it.
Please if someone can help, it would be great
good luck
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Re: is missing

Postby fdsim » Thu May 21, 2015 10:24 am

The file is not missing, because the example provided with the package contains file with source-time function (SRC_001.DAT).

Nevertheles here is an example of file for generation of Gabor signal:
&INPUT NSIG=3, DT=0.0001, KN = 16 /
&SIGNAL_3 gama = 0.35, fp = 0.45, psi =1.570796327, ts = 0.5 /

Jozef Kristek (on behalf of FDSim team)
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Re: is missing

Postby nbenkaci » Mon May 25, 2015 11:38 am

Dear Mr Josef

Thank you very much for the answer, I found the input file finally and resolve my problem

Best regards
Benkaci Nassima
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